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On January 9th, 2014,  during the hearing at PERB in case # SACO 4645, CAPS President David Miller was asked why the organization’s Bylaws and Policy Manual were changed in 2011 and why they had been disregarded for over a decade.  President Miller explained the changes were made to make the document clearer.  When pressed on what clarity the board was trying to arrive at, Miller explained that it was “ridiculous” to hold regular annual membership meetings.  He explained that member’s concerns could be freely addressed to the board at the quarterly executive board meetings in person, in writing, or via a district representative.

What Miller was not able to escape from is the fact that, ridiculous or not, the current leadership of CAPS in collusion with and under the advice of the executive director (Blanning and Baker LLC) and legal counsel (Gerald James) have, for years, denied the membership regular and annual meetings, which have been required by the CAPS Bylaw, the CAPS Policy Manual and the California Corporate Code (CCC).  In fact, a careful reading of the revised 2011 bylaws and policy manual reveals that regular membership meetings  are still required (which conforms with the CCC, although annual meetings were erased from the Bylaws and Policy Manual in February 2011.)   The requirement for regular membership meetings in the CCC indicates 15 months as the first of regular intervals for “regular membership meetings.”

Were it not for the long term inability of the CAPS leadership and CAPS agents to protect Unit 10 members’ salaries from the consequences of compounded inflation vs. years with no cost of living adjustments, members would hardly be concerned with how CAPS is run.  But today, two weeks before negotiations open, Unit 10 rank and file members are expressing their lack of confidence in the CAPS leadership and the CAPS agents and legal team. Workers, long denied regular membership meetings, are booking rooms and meeting on their own without the leadership.  Workers have initiated letter writing and petition campaigns: workers have openly discussed decertification, rescission, and severance as options.  Workers are no longer waiting for CAPS to act; they are beginning to act on their own.  This is a promising sign.  It will take the democratic participation of the rank and file to sweep away the dead wood and build an organization that can win the workers’ demands in negotiations.   If that organization will be CAPS or a new formation is truly in the hands of the current leadership.  As of now workers do not see CAPS as a worker’s organization.  Indeed, one 28-year CAPS member wrote us saying, “we need a union to protect us from the union!”

If the leadership continues to play footsie with the Democratic Party (and in cases with the Republicans), giving gobs of our dues dollars to the candidates, the lobbyists and the lawyers while neglecting to build rank and file organization and democracy, the consequent  defeat (in the upcoming negotiations) will drive Unit 10 members to seek alternatives and other organizational  affiliations.

To turn the situation around, CAPS must convene immediate emergency membership meetings at all campuses, form up action committees at each  section and unit where Unit 10 members work and prepare united job actions to impress on HR how serious our members are.   Without the serious threat of job actions by the membership our negotiators look like beggars with their hands out, rather than our true advocates convinced of the resolve of the membership and prepared to exert our collective strength.

January 9th the Governor released his proposed budget and there were no raises for the Unit 10 rank and file indicated.  Supervisors, on the other hand, found some indication that their pay parity concerns would be met.   For the rank and file to win it requires that we act now to assure that the CAPS negotiators do not come back to us with a Tentative Agreement equivalent to the SEIU 1000 concessionary contract that gained only 1.6% per year, and which does not cover the losses to pension and medical insurance premium increases, and will leave many workers with smaller checks than before the furloughs started 4 years ago.

Membership meetings are not ridiculous!  Membership meetings are where members chart their course, develop strategy and organize the membership for action.  What is ridiculous is the long-term failed strategy of the CAPS leadership, which has resulted in most Unit 10 members being 30% behind their peers in municipal employment and private industries.  What is ridiculous is to think that a board that sequesters itself out of sight of the membership for decades, which demobilizes the membership, denies the members their rights, and is oblivious to the fact that most members hate the organization, can win us our long overdue pay parity.

Rachlis went to PERB not only to get the second illegal expulsion expunged, but to learn from CAPS President David Miller the true belief of the current leadership-that worker’s democracy-that holding regular membership meetings is “ridiculous”!

But if history is a guide playing footsie with the politicians will not win our demands; it will take a rank and file upsurge to win!  Time is working against us but if CAPS acts now it could convene membership meetings at every job site next week and have informational pickets and press conferences across the state immediately in preparation for the negotiations.    For Unit 10 to win pay parity the rank and file must run the organization themselves!

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Their strategy is to depend on politicians, lawyers and judges instead of the rank and file. Their practice is to demobilize the membership, disassociate from the labor movement, to deny members their legal right to regular membership meetings and to illegally expel members who stand up for membership rights.


They bet your pay parity on a failing decade-long show trial for supervisors pay parity!

CAPS represent both management and labor in grievances!  Like in a fascist union.  How can CAPS grieve against your supervisor when your supervisors pay CAPS and are invested in CAPS winning pay parity?  How can a worker expect CAPS to protect them from management when the supervisors pay CAPS voluntarily while rank and file must pay (at least) fair share!


President Dennis Miller promised regular membership meetings in his 2011 campaign. Yet he continues to violate both California Corporate Code section 7510 and the CAPS 2007 Bylaws Article III Section 1 and the illegally updated 2011 Bylaws by refusing to convene regular membership (not just informational) meetings.  The only meetings CAPS holds are informational-not regular membership meetings!


PERB’s finding exposed CAPS leadership and Blanning and Baker LLC. to be scofflaws. The leadership illegally expelled Rachlis and illegally suspended Cosentino.  The expulsion and suspension were overturned by PERB.








ASK: When was the last COLA

Answer:  2006 (but it was insufficient; it did not catch us up). Today your pay check buys only 3/4s of what it did in 2000!

ASK: Why were the Bylaws changed in February, 2011?

Answer:  To deny members rights enshrined in the 2007 Bylaws for annual membership meetings. Rachlis revealed in Nov., 2010 that this right was being knowingly violated by Blanning and Baker LLC., the CAPS board and Gerald James Esq., for over a decade.  Without the annual meetings the membership  has been denied any semblance of democracy.  The annual meeting was the only legal venue for installing officers and putting members concerns on the agenda or  for addressing the assembled membership.  Thus all officers elected for over 12 years now were not legally installed and all their actions have been illegal. This denial of regular meetings is a denial of CAPS contractual duty (based on the dues for bylaws exchange) to the membership and is thus the basis for the 15 million dollar theft of services charge against Blanning and Baker.

ASK: Why did the new Bylaws eliminate the annual membership meeting?

Answer: Because Rachlis exposed the leadership for not holding legally mandated (CCC & bylaws) annual meetings.

ASK: When was the last regular membership meeting?

Answer:  Over 12 years ago. Disregarding the Bylaws and CCC, members have been denied an annual regular membership meeting for over a decade.

ASK: Why are members not allowed to hold and run their own regular meetings?

Answer:  Because Blanning and Baker LLC. don’t want the membership to control their own organization. They like keeping their fingers on the purse strings.

ASK:  What is Blanning and Baker LLC. (the CAPS agents.)?

Answer: It is not a law firm as members have been led to believe.  It is a Labor Consultation firm.  Their project is not to make you money but to make money for their partnership!  Their method is schmoozing with politicians and keeping you under control.

ASK: Why do we need a profit making labor consultant to run our affairs?

Answer: Considering their track record, we don’t!

ASK: Can CAPS be reformed:

Answer: Only if a rank and file slate with a class struggle strategy and program runs for office and wins, removes Blanning and Baker LLC. as agent and charts a politically independent course of action based on a mobilized membership.

ASK: What can I do?

Answer: Form Unit 10 action committees, talk to other Unit 10 members and listen to their experiences with failed representation by Blanning and Baker LLC., and discuss the failed CAPS steward system. Run for office to replace the entrenched team, remove Blanning and Baker and reclaim CAPS for the rank and file of Unit 10.


Unit 10 Action Committee                              contact Charles Rachlis (415) 205-0359

Labor Donated                                                June 1, 2014


The Unit 10 Action Committee met on 5/21/13 and adopted the following principles and demands both on the State and on ourselves/our organization.

We will build the action committee at the CAPS informational meeting on June 4th.

We will build for inter-union solidarity action to win back what was taken from us in the last contract on June 5thduring lunch at the front gate of CDPH in conjunction with labor demonstrations in Sacramento.

1) Turn CAPS into a union run by the democratically organized, mobilized and assembled rank and file.
2) For political independence of labor. Fund only labor candidate.
3) Unite with workers organizations (public & private), employed and unemployed, to defeat the austerity and win a fair contract.
4) Run candidates committed to political independence, to class struggle tactics, based on organizing, assembling and mobilizing the membership to develop and struggle for  their own program.

1) No Give Backs No Take Aways!  WE ALREADY “SHARED THE PAIN”
2) COLAS back 10 years 23%
3) Pay Parity, Geographical Pay
4) NO GIVE BACK OF HOLIDAYS!   Holidays were accepted years ago in exchange for wage demands not granted, PDD’s were granted after they stole 2 holidays.
5) Make up pay for increased worker contribution to medical and pensions.
6) State should make up for years it refused to pay into CALPERS (based on good market)
7) Overturn new retirement requirement. Pits new workers against old workers.  No two tier system.  Equal benefits for all!  No extended vestment periods.
8) Health and Safety protection, promotions, & PERS fiduciary responsibility

1) Hold regular membership meetings, not informational meetings.
2) Regular meetings at every job site (monthly or quarterly, more often in lead up to contract talks), linked by web for broadest democratic discussion.
3) Initiate CAPS members e-forum for democratic discussion of the membership.
4) Build unity with the broader labor movement for actions against the austerity.
5) Organize the unorganized.  End contract labor.  Defend the contract workers. Demand equivalent service time and state jobs for regular contract workers.
6) Supervisors out of the union.
7) For an active steward system that communicates, mobilizes and defends the membership.
8) Elevate the strategy of membership mobilization and assembly over that of  lobbying and lawsuits.
9) Reverse the expulsion of Charles Rachlis

Adopted at the Unit 10 Action Committee meeting on May 21, 2013



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Finding the January 2012 expulsion of Rachlis by the CAPS leadership, under the guidance of Blanning and Baker LLC. (B&B), to have been illegal, PERB ordered reinstatement of Rachlis retroactively to the date of his expulsion. On 9/11 CAPS rescinded Rachlis’ termination retroactively to 1/19/2012.

Continuing the practice of harassment and intimidation, executive board member John Budroe has filed a grievance against Rachlis calling for his expulsion again.   Budroe’s grievance falsely accuses Rachlis of:  “Advocating decertification of CAPS, supporting an effort to decertify CAPS as the exclusive bargaining agent for state bargaining Unit 10 or signing any document with the goal of decertifying CAPS.” (Language lifted from the Policy Manual (PM).)

But Rachlis is not the real target.  The real intention is to intimidate the Rank and File, to keep members from speaking out, from challenging B&B’s failures, their  wasting of our money,  their practice of throwing gobs of gold at lawyers and politicians while squirreling the rest into the  retirement coffers of the B&B partnership, which itself produces nothing for us. Rather they act in the interest  of the 1%  by keeping  the workers quiet, without a strike fund, without meetings, demobilized, disorganized and demoralized!

The leadership runs from these facts and does not want you to see that they have no winning strategy to defeat the austerity schemes.  Instead they turn their efforts to what they are good at–denying the membership any union democracy.  They can not produce a COLA (losing 23% to inflation over 12 years,) they can not win pay parity, geographic compensation, or secure funds for travel for conferences, training and intellectual development. They have lost every major lawsuit brought on our behalf: on the furloughs, pay parity and the stolen holidays. They tie hope for rank and file pay parity to the failed strategy of winning raises for our supervisors first (most of those working here when this case started will retire before they ever see a dime, not to mention how soon, if ever, this dream raise will reach the rank and file.) Even in the wake of the Chicago teachers strike which won a three years raise package  above of the rate of inflation, CAPS leadership has no clue how to even get us a catch up, instead they are signing side letters conceding to additional furloughs without membership discussion!  They give our dues money, which should build our strike fund, to the politicians, who after getting elected stab us in the back.  They support the regressive taxes in the Brown Proposition 30 tax hike, they shrug their shoulders when confronted by their failures, smile and say ‘look at what a good job were doing!’

Adherence to the Bylaws and Policy Manual (PM) is not the practice of this leadership.  Had it been, CAPS would have held regular/annual membership meetings for the last twelve years (where members’ agenda points can be put before the entire membership,) Rachlis and Cosentino would not have been thrown out and CAPS would not have lost to Rachlis in the PERB decision # HO-U-1064-S.

Budroe bases his grievances on a ‘damning’ blog post at published on August 25th (while Rachlis was still expelled) and claims it violated the PM’s rule against advocating for decertification.

Budroe twists and misrepresents the meaning of the statements made in the ‘damning’ blog post. The following quote is lifted directly from the blog. We have bolded key controversial phrases and will comment on their meaning further below.

We also opposed launching a campaign to decertify CAPS without first testing the nature of the organization through assertion of membership rights as guaranteed by the bylaws, the Policy Manual, and the California Corporate Code.  Today we are convinced that CAPS can not be reformed without getting rid of B&B.  We have proved that CAPS makes contact between members a near impossibility thereby ensuring the perpetuation of the insider’s incumbency (Ms. Velez has been on the board for 17 years during 23 years as a member,) puts another weight on the scale of reform vs. decertification.    The combination of a self perpetuating board, the denial of regular membership meetings, and the vested interest of B&B’s partnership ( they take between 800k-and 1.5million from unit 10 CAPS members annually  and closer to 6 million annually from Unit 9 PECG members,) may require the formation of a new union and the decertification of CAPS and PECG.”

Budroe and his co-conspirators (Miller/Velez/Austin/Voight/B&B) flummoxed from their defeat at PERB again  overstretch the limits of logic as they try to fit a square peg in a round hole; the above statement is merely a statement of facts.  The facts are: there is no internal democracy in CAPS and that for democracy to be established, for members of units 9 & 10 internal remedy mechanisms may not be adequate.  The recent denial of democratic procedure and other failures of the leadership indeed put new weights on the scale; commenting on this fact is not an indictable violation of the PM.

Notice the use of the word may.  May, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, along with might “are basically alike in meaning, in the senses of possibility and permission….”  May is used while expressing possibility as in “It may rain this afternoon.”  That it may not rain this afternoon is unstated yet implied by the very nature of possibility.  The statement from the blog reprinted above merely states a possibility, something scientists are often known to do, we call it stating a hypothesis.

We’re not lawyer pussyfooters if we wanted to call for decertification there would be no question about the language.  It would be unambiguous and our whole record of the CAPS Fighting Union Caucus (CAPS-FUC) demonstrates this.  The action of the MRDC is nothing other than self-service by the members of the B&B clique.

Budroe makes additional attempts to falsify the content of the blog in his frantic quest to expel Rachlis twice in one year. Indeed the fact that the CAPS-FUC won 25% in the last election has the ruling clique running sacred.  For the CAPS-FUC the principle of not taking a workers organization to the bosses’ courts is inviolate and as such we have, in the past rejected the idea of taking CAPS to superior court to force compliance with California Corporate Code. However, as we explained in the blog, “…we can clearly see that CAPS is not a workers organization but a captive corporate run union fleecing the membership for the profits of B&B the working class principle of “labor cleaning its own house” no longer applies.” In his grievance, Budroe lifts the quote, “no longer applies,” out of context.  Budroe ascribes it to our arguments against decertification rather than to the clearly stated issue of using the courts to force some modicum of democracy (adherence to CCC-regular membership meeting, fair elections, the right to examine and copy the membership list, etc.)

Having experienced the MDRC inquisition once before, we know the process that is about to unfold. We understand that facts, as outlined above, do not matter to the Miller/Velez-Austin/Voight/Blanning clique.  Let’s preview what will transpire during the next expulsion hearing for Rachlis on October 9th, 2012.

The MDRC will convene (collecting their per diems and paying lawyers, like the last time, at the membership’s expense,) they will hear Budroe’s fabricated and false claims outlined above.  They will have read the objections outlined above and they will vote unanimously to recommend the board expel Rachlis again.  The board will then unanimously agree and Rachlis will be driven out of the organization twice in one year, in order to preserve the right of B&B to fleece the dues dollars of members of units 9 & 10, in order to enrich the partners of their corporation.  Only the organized membership can end this tyrannical reign of failure and profiteering.


Demand that Giorgio Cosentino, also illegally suspended, be immediately reinstated!  Demand that the MDRC reject the Budroe grievance against Rachlis.

The CAPS leadership and Blanning and Baker LLC.  have been exposed for their practices of illegal harassment of rank and file dues-payers, abuse of power, disregard for the rules of the organization  and the interests of the membership. The entire current leadership (which participated in and turned a blind eye to these abuses) must be removed from office and CAPS’ agents (B&B) must have their contract terminated, so that  CAPS can  become a democratic organization that relies upon the  self-organization and mobilization of its membership, rather than the good will of the  bosses’ Democratic or Republican politicians.


1)    Ask your co-workers if they are happy with CAPS.  Unite with those who are not satisfied.  Form local committees at each work site.

2)    Contact the CAPS FIGHTING UNION CAUCUS to coordinate with groupings coming together across the state.

3)    Begin the three steps to achieve Workers Control of our union:  Educate Agitate and Organize!

4)    Educate yourself and your co-workers:  Get copies of the Bylaws and Policy Manual.  Ask the CAPS office for the old Bylaws and Policy Manual.  Ask for financial statements for the duration of your membership.  Review the CAPS legal failures  at .

5)     Familiarize yourself with the California Corporate Codes under which Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporations like CAPS are obliged to operate.

6)    Educate your self and the membership on the various methods of trade unionism.  Ask yourself and your co-workers. “Is CAPS a workers’ organization?”  Is CAPS  a captive union, what is a business union, what is corporate unionism, what is syndicalism, what is class struggle trade unionism?  Ask what kind of program does CAPS need?  The CAPS Fighting Union Caucus offered its program of class independence and direct action at .

7)    Agitate: For your rights.  Demand your right to regular membership meetings. Not staged informational top-down meetings where “they” come to tell “us” how its going to be, but rather where workers’ democracy is applied and the agenda is open to the contributions by membership, where the entire membership is convened simultaneously, (by the magic of modern technology and democratic intention.)

8)    Agitate: For your livelihood: Demand CAPS puts its resources to organizing the membership into a fighting organization prepared to unite with all public workers in demanding retroactive COLA, for reimbursement of stolen holidays, for pay parity, for travel pay, for pensions that we can count on, for medical insurance fully funded by the employer, for adequate staffing, for professional development.

9)    Organize: Worksite action committees to prepare for the 2013 CAPS election and the Contract negotiations for the contract that expires just as we go into the CAPS election period.

10) Organize: A statewide petition for a Special meeting of the membership to discuss and decide upon the proposal to remove Blanning and Baker LLC.

11) Organize: A statewide petition for a Special meeting of the membership to discuss and decide upon the proposal to revoke the 2011 changes in the Bylaws and convene an open membership review of the Bylaws and Policy Manual.

12) Organize: a Fighting Union Caucus group at your work site to put up candidates and defeat the incumbents and turn CAPS into a democratic workers organization  which stands for the political independence of labor and for worker mobilizations to defeat the austerity schemes and win workers power.

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 President David Miller promised, to convene regular worksite meetings (not regular membership meetings), to win pay equity, to fight hard for the working scientist but instead he and his team of self perpetuating incumbents, just like Unit 9’s PECG leadership are merely pawns on some one else’s chess board.   While scientists and engineers are finding their middle class expectations evaporating as quickly as the mirage that was the “American Dream,” the Blanning and Baker (B&B) team and the Miller regime have nothing to offer the membership except the heads of the rank and file oppositionists on a platter.  Meanwhile SEIU 1021 representing the SF City workers just won a no concessions contract after a strong strike authorization vote, blockading traffic and temporarily occupying city hall.  In the UK the IWW  defeated an attack on the wages and hours of janitors at St. Georges University of London.  Today the bosses and their two bit politicians are vulnerable and can be defeated by militant rank and file mobilizations and job actions but the CAPS/PECG leadership bound and gagged by B&B have nothing to offer our members but cuts in wages!  DO NOTHING AND WATCH YOUR WAGES GET CUT!  ORGANIZE FOR STRIKES NOT FURLOUGHS AND WE WIN!

 You may wonder why for years we have heard about CAPS bold legal strategies but  never that our lawsuits nearly always lose.  You may wonder what stroke of genius led to the failed strategy of relying on the courts and politicians rather than on the organized strength of the rank and file.  The CAPS/PECG strategy to rely on the courts, profits the lawyers whom B&B engages but does nothing for the membership as we outlined at our blog tracing their history of failure.  Their strategy is to give hundreds of thousands in each election cycle to the very politicians who represent the interests of the 1% has won us nothing but concessionary contracts, with more give backs to come.

Look at these two failing organizations (CAPS & PECG) and ask qui bono? Who has made a career of misrepresenting the Unit 10 scientists and Unit 9 engineers? Who ends up with all our dues money? Who is so afraid of the membership that they refused to hold a regular membership meeting for over ten years, who is so afraid of transparency that they refuse to inform the members when they revise the bylaws and policy manual?  That would be Blanning and Baker LLC (B&B). 

 This firm has taken our unions (CAPS & PECG), which are organized as Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporations, has held them captive and turned them into profit centers for their partners.  B&B have little interest in putting up a real fight for our interests, their goal is to funnel your dues dollars into their partners’ 401K’s not to assure your wages and conditions!   So far they have been successful accomplishing their goal at our expense!

 Hence we will not see President David Miller prepare the membership to win us pay equity, he will not organize the membership to win ten years back COLA, he will not win back pay from the stolen holidays, he will not prevent or even try to fight the impending Brown furlough.  Rather he will negotiate with Brown about how we are to be robbed, either via the brutally long 9.5 hour day or the re-imposition of the floating furlough day. THE BOSSES SAY CUT HOURS AND PAY CAPS SHOULD SAY SHARE THE WORK THIRTY HOURS WORK FOR FOURTY HOURS PAY-CREATE JOBS FOR ALL!

 Why won’t Miller organize a broad coalition with PECG, AFSCME, Local 39,  & SEIU 1000 to show some muscle and stand up to Gov. Brown (Arnie 2 or Meg in trousers)?  Not because he has no faith in the power of the rank and file; but rather, like the majority of the trade union leadership in this nation, Miller has rejected the strategy and tactics that built the unions in the first place.  While the 1% has declared war on working people and in particular public workers unions, B&B and the Miller regime scoff at class struggle methods and instead contain the membership by keeping them from meeting and organizing together. 

 The Miller/Velez regime, held their kangaroo court to get rid of Rachlis/Cosentino not only because they fought for democracy in CAPS but because the caucus offered a more appropriate method of struggle with which to respond to the class war launched by the 1%-the ruling class to impose the austerity on working and poor people.  But Miller/Velez are subservient to both the profit takers of B&B and the capitalists’ bought and paid for politicians in Sacramento (see April’s issue of the Capsule for the snapshots of CAPS leaders embracing the banksters’ political stooges.) They will help to impose the next phase of the bosses austerity on the membership by offering more concessions rather than organizing a united front of public workers to take collective job actions! 

 Not directly in word but definitively by deed, B&B and the CAPS Miller/Velez regime push the bosses’ lie, that there is no money in the state of California and that we, must help pay for the crisis that the failing structures of capitalism has created.  They ignore the fact that there are over 80 billionaires in the state of California and these hoarders of capital rely on the delusion that it is the political stalemate in Sacramento which prevents the people from liberating the funds from the billionaires and the mega corporations. 

 The fact is if Californians waits until tax reform is voted on in Sacramento or for proposition 13 to be revised we will all be dead and in our graves.  The electoral system has failed the working people, the elderly, the students, the unemployed, and specially oppressed.  The electoral system is controlled lock stock and barrel by the 1%.  This leaves workers with only one weapon with which we can exert our economic and social weight on the political stalemate.  To respond to their class war we need to stop the wheels of production.  We need to unite all public workers, students, and recipients of state services to launch an indefinite general strike.  After about a week shutting down the state the billionaires will be throwing money at the problem because they can not sustain their profit making without the state workers keeping the state functioning!  WE ARE THE POWER THAT ALLOWS CAPITAL TO PROFIT!  

 CAPS leadership and B&B’s inability to fight for our interests should come as no surprise to anyone who has had to fight a grievance with management.  In case after case CAPS and PECG members have reported that B&B (which is supposed to provide advocates on our behalf) have sent their partners Matt Austin or Chris Voight and these characters sided with management against the workers or arrived at hearings unprepared, or gave the member the impression that they were lawyers only to revel at the last moment that they are not lawyers.  In other cases they told rank and file they could not represent them or strung them out for so long that the members retained other counsel; only to find out that once you retain outside counsel CAPS or PECG are no longer obliged to represent you, thus letting B&B off the hook.

 CAPS leadership incapable of keeping its promises to the membership has instead expelled members who advocated alternate tactics of organizing to defend our interests.

After censoring the opposition’s campaign statements, denying candidates their right to access the membership and denying the membership the right to annual membership meetings, the leadership under the direction of the dues sucking leaches at Blanning and Baker chose to sell the membership out in order to keep their friendly relations with the politicians they cozy up to. 

 For the membership to defeat the Brown furlough and win what we deserve we need to take our union back.  Demand no concessions!  Demand and emergency statewide membership meeting! Demand a united front of all public workers to prepare for job actions now!  DON’T WAIT FOR THE UNION LEADERS ORGANIZE INTER-UNION ORGANIZING COMMITTEES IN EVERY WORK PLACE, PREPARE FOR GENERAL STRIKE!

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RACHLIS Response to Grievance against Charles Rachlis brought by Miller & Brown filed on September 19, 2011

We have shown in the previous post that the charges against us are being brought in violation of the Policy Manual pg.7 paragraph f.  As we do not expect the CAPS leadership (which guides and controls the Membership Discipline Review Committee) to abide the Policy Manual we present the following response to the membership for the record.   If the CAPS leadership has its way they will expel Rachlis and Cosentino in violation of the very rules they are sworn to uphold and will have diminished the rights of all CAPS members.



 In considering the charges against Charles Rachlis and Giorgio Cosentino it must be established that Just Cause exists.  The high standards and principles established in the landmark Enterprise Wire arbitration case from 1966, which labor has traditionally applied to conflicts with employers must also guide and be applied to our own organizations. 

 “The basic elements of just cause which different arbitrators have emphasized have been reduced to seven tests. These tests, in the form of questions, represent the most specifically articulated analysis of the just cause standard as an extremely practical approach. A “no” answer to one or more of the questions means that just cause either was not satisfied or at least was seriously weakened.”

“1) NOTICE: Did MCO give the employee forewarning or foreknowledge of the possible or probably disciplinary consequences of the employee’s conduct?

a. Forewarning/foreknowledge: orally by Management, in writing through typed or printed sheets or books of work rules &of penalties for violation thereof….

 Did Rachlis and Cosentino have means to be aware of, were they given the documents, printed sheets, or books of rules which would have made them aware of the policies, to which they are now being held accountable to abide?  The answer is an absolute no!  The allegations in the grievance are predicated upon the CAPS Policy Manual which both Cosentino and Rachlis had been requesting since before the election campaign.  Charles Rachlis did not receive it until the day of the ballot count in Sacramento, from David Miller himself and Giorgio Cosentino did not receive it until mid-October; long after the grievances Miller/Brown had penned against us were submitted.

Indeed the same lack of transparency which keeps the bylaws off of the CAPS website also keeps the policy manual off the web site away from prying eyes of the membership.  Despite repeated requests rank and file members were denied access to this document. Only a kangaroo court could find JUST CAUSE under these conditions therefore all these charges must be dismissed.

The CAPS leadership can not have it both ways.  You can not deny members access to the very book of rules from which you derive charges against them.  Not in any democratic organization.  Such practices are common however in Stalinist and Fascist dictatorships which kind of organization is CAPS?

What follows is the record that shows we have tried to get a copy of the Policy Manual for over a year and have been ignored, patronized and stonewalled by the very staff and leadership which is supposed to treat all members fairly and with respect

Consider the secretive practices of the board.  After we pointed out the failure of the board to adhere to the 2007 Bylaws at the November 2010 informational meetings, the board, without noticing the membership, without submitting the proposed bylaws and Policy Manual changes to the members for discussion, amended both those documents in February of 2011. 

The result was that the board wrote the memberships’ right to an annual membership meeting out of the 2011 revision.  The revised Bylaws & Policy Manual were never posted or universally distributed.  Few members even knew they had been changed or that the Policy Manual even existed at all.  This lack of transparency, denial of membership participation and lack of notification about the changes in the rules of the organization is designed to keep the membership uninformed and in turn has created conditions where members are being charged with violations of rules which they are not allowed to know of in a timely manner. In August of 2011 I had to inquire as to the changes that were enacted.

On 8/8/11 I wrote:

To the CAPS board and executive director,

There is rumor that the executive board has passed a new by-laws for the organization.  Is there truth to this scuttle-but? If so I request that you immediately send me a copy of the new by-laws, the old by-laws and the minutes from the meeting where the changes occurred. 

Thank you,

Charles Rachlis

Associate Industrial Hygienist

This policy document was finally delivered to both Rachlis and Cosentino after the charges crafted by Miller and Brown were submitted on September 19th despite the executive director’s claim that timely distribution of the document was forthcoming on July 5th 2011.


From: Chris Voight []
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 10:30 AM
To: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Subject: RE: Bylaws and policy file on website?


Feel free to ask any time.  You are a member and have a right to ask any question.  We will try to always respond promptly and on point.  In this case, the leadership has chosen not to post those particular documents on line, but rather to provide them to any member who requests them.  We do so promptly and so far have seen no pressing need to post them.  The concern here is that posting them, even in the minimally secure “member only” section on the web page, will make them accessible to individuals far beyond the membership. I will copy your request and my reply to the leadership in the event they may want to reconsider their position on this issue. 

Christopher J. Voight

Staff Director

“Important Work Deserves Fair Pay”


So for Giorgio Cosentino  to “promptly” receive the policy manual it took  four months, from July 5th  when Chris Voight assured prompt delivery,  until mid October when it was finally mailed after Mr. Cosentino offered to visit the Sacramento office on October 13th.  This is only prompt in geologic terms not in internal union business terms.  This denial of access to the very document upon which the grievances are brought is why no just cause exists.

Consider the following e-mail from Barryett Enge, who has acted as a CAPS shop steward at Richmond campus on and off for years responded to Giorgio’s search for the Policy manual as early as January 27th 2010.

From: Enge, Barryett (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 1:57 PM
To: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Subject: message[secure]

Hello Giorgio,

I received your message. There seems to be some discrepancy, I am unaware of any CAPS people who have this document that you are seeking. As mentioned before, such has never been in my possession. In fact, Chris Voight stated that he had not seen it in years. The only document that I have regarding CAPS members is the booklet, our MOU which covers multiple topics.

Since you feel that you have not been well represented by Matt, do proceed with your plan.

Barryett Enge

Public Health Microbiologist II Virology
510 307 8530

This denial of access to the Policy Manual went on for over a year and a half See Giorgio’s requests in September 2011: 

From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 12:37 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Current Policy File?


Is the current Policy File dated 11/3/2007?  Thank you for the clarification.


Giorgio Cosentino, PHM

From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 3:28 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: RE: Current Policy File?


Liz just answered my question.  I do have the new bylaws, but not the new policy file dated 2/12/2011.  Any chance of emailing or faxing to me as I could use today if possible?  Thanks.

FAX 510-307-8599


From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 4:08 PM
To: Enge, Barryett (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Cc: ‘’
Subject: RE: Current Policy File?

Hi Barryett,

Do you have a copy of this on you that I can stop by and see?  Thanks.


From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2011 1:29 PM
To: ‘CAPS’ (
Subject: RE: Current Policy File?

Can I please have a copy of this?  Thank you.


Giorgio Cosentino

From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2011 3:12 PM
To: ”CAPS’ (’
Subject: RE: Current Policy File?


I was previously told the following.


We ALWAYS provide bylaws and policy promptly upon request of any member.”

I would like to receive a copy of the new Policy File before I leave work today at 5:00 as I need it for the weekend.  Thank you.


From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2011 5:18 PM
To: ”CAPS’ (’
Subject: Policy file not yet received 

Did I use the wrong email address for this request?  


From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 8:44 AM
To: Kristen Haynie (
Subject: Policy File not available to me?

Dear Kristen,

I have been requesting a copy of the new policy file which previously I was told was available “immediately upon request.”  I was told you are one of the contacts for this request, but you have not replied. 

Recently, I sent a communication to PERB, copying our President.  Anyone who viewed my candidate statement would know about my communication with PERB.  I am doing my best to follow the laws outlined by the Dills Act in order to address concerns I have as a member of CAPS and I understand it might not be pleasant for you and for that I apologize.  It is not personal.  To be honest, I do not like being in this situation at all. 

Can you please respond to my query for the policy file.  If you do not, then I will have to wonder if I am now being discriminated against as a result of exercising the rights I have per 3519.5 (b) of the Dills Act (please see below).  I hope that is not the case and that you have just been too busy.  Then please let me know when you can provide me with this document. 

Thanks, Kristen.



Dills Act

3519.5. Unlawful actions by employee organizations

It shall be unlawful for an employee organization to:

(a) Cause or attempt to cause the state to violate Section 3519.

(b) Impose or threaten to impose reprisals on employees, to discriminate or threaten to discriminate against employees, or otherwise to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees because of their exercise of rights guaranteed by this chapter.

Giorgio Cosentino, PHM

From: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL) []
Sent: Friday, October 07, 2011 1:23 PM
Cc: Enge, Barryett (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL); Rachlis, Charles (CDPH-ADM-PSB-FMS); Wright, Will (CDPH-ADM-PSB-FMS);
Subject: Requesting confirmation regarding October 13th office visit

Hi Kristen and Chris,

I am requesting confirmation that staff will be available in the Sacramento CAPS office on October 13th, allowing me to copy the current Policy File.  Thank you.


Giorgio Cosentino, PHM

 And when did we finally get the document?

From: Chris Voight []
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 2:39 PM
To: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)
Subject: RE: Requesting confirmation regarding October 13th office visit

 A copy of the CAPS Policy and Practice Manual has been mailed to you today, per Patty Velez. 

 Christopher J. Voight

Staff Director

“Important Work Deserves Fair Pay”


 Just prior to the opening of the election campaign period I (Charles Rachlis) called Sacramento and talked to a CAPS/B&B staffer (I think it was)Linda and asked for the current Policy Manual to be sent to me, I was told it would be sent the next day.  I did this because Giorgio insisted that such a document existed and that he had been e-mailing the staff for weeks asking for it to no avail.  As stated, the document upon which the allegations in the grievance were drawn up by President David Miller was not delivered to me until after the charges were penned.  President David Miller knows this as he is the person who delivered the Policy Manual to me, during the ballot count in October.  Hence there is no JUST CAUSE AND THE CHARGES AGAINST RACHLIS AND COSENTINO MUST BE DISMISSED. 

 Charles Rachlis

January 9, 2012

If the grievance committee is non-biased and impartial they can stop reading at this point and dismiss the charges for lack of JUST CAUSE.  However as we will show, and you (the MDRC) will prove to the membership by your pursuit of the case, these charges are a vindictive attempt to purge members from the organization who demanded democratic rights as union members and who have consistently exposed the violations of California Corporate Code and the organizations own by-laws by the incumbents under the direction of the executive director and the profit taking corporation B&B.  Therefore we expect the biased, partial and prejudicial team which makes up this kangaroo court to continue its inquiry, which would be proof enough, under any impartial review, by a reasonable person, that the sitting committee is a partial group of insiders executing a purge against the opposition.  In order to keep the CAPS dues dollars flowing to Blanning and Baker LLC., the lawyers and the Democratic and Republican party and to keep the rank and file from having free, fair and democratic discussion about the type of strategy and tactics needed to defend our working conditions in this period of economic collapse.


 Patty Velez, M. Berbach, J. Budrow, S. Bauer, Y. Addassi, M. Commadoatore, and M. Gordus, must recuse themselves from any role in the MDRC as they have proven through their silent acquiescence to the prejudicial behavior and statements towards  rank and file members Charles Rachlis and Giorgio Cosentino as expressed by Matt Austin in an e-mail on April 5th, 2010 that they are biased toward Matt Austin and Chris Voight or at least that they refuse to defend the membership from slander and denial of members rights by Blanning and Baker staff..  This entire group of board members knew of and allowed prejudicial attitudes to persist and guide the direction of the organization even after the inappropriate nature of this communication was brought to their attention.  If they do not recuse themselves from being seated on the MDRC must be challenged for cause.

 Already by April 5th 2010 a year and  four months  prior to the battery committed by CFO of Blanning and Baker Matt Austin against Rank and File CAPS member Charles Rachlis then President Patty Velez, Chris Rogers (then local CAPS rep for Richmond), the rest of the board, B&B lawyer  Lisa Crvarich and Matt Austin  were all witness to Matt Austin’s prejudicial attitude against Charles Rachlis for his union activities and of Austin’s derogatory, biased, and  prejudice towards Giorgio Cosentino for his disability.  Neither the CAPS officers nor the lawyer for B&B saw anything wrong with Matt Austin’s prejudicial attitude and behavior towards dues paying members.  When this information was brought to the attention of the CAPS board no apology was offered and no admonitions were issued.  Therefore none of those then in positions of responsibility listed as recipients of these e-mails can sit as an impartial jury for those disparaged in the Austin communication of April 5th. See following two emails:

 From: Rachlis, Charles (CDPH-ADM-PSB-FMS)
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2011 8:36 AM
To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; Enge, Barryett (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL); Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL); Wright, Will (CDPH-ADM-PSB-FMS); ‘Charles Rachlis (’; ‘’
Subject: Austin’s record of targeting Rachlis

 Open letter to the CAPS board:

 An e-mail with prejudicial statements about Charles Rachlis and Giorgio Cosentino was left hanging at the end of a thread from Matt Austin to Chris Voight  and President Patty Valdez and copied to the board.   In this e-mail Matt is complaining about the request for assistance by Giorgio Cosentino to understand union and grievance procedures.   Blanning and Baker LCC are shown in their own words to be incapable of representing the membership impartially.  Reproduced below is the e-mail  from the end of the thread  that the membership, Giorgio and I were never meant to see.

 What this indicates is that long before Matt Austin’s violent, threatening and uncivilized outburst at the CAPS office on Friday which resulted in the SFPD calling my home and warning me of arrest if I appear at the CAPS office again, he was interfering in internal CAPS politics by prejudicially influencing the current president and the executive director  against me by labeling me as some  sort of nefarious behind the scenes operator  and that somehow I convinced the hapless Giorgio that great wrongs have been done to him.   

 This behind the scenes interference with the objectivity of the President of our organization  out of the  site of the membership is proof positive that Blanning and Baker are not objective agents serving the interests of the entire membership.  Rather they are political players doing everything they can to maintain control of CAPS and the other unions in which they most likely run the same type of power plays to control a dues base. 

 CAPS has lost its independence and is clearly a captive union under corporate control.  The board is under obligation to the membership to immediately convene a meeting of the membership to address the captive nature of the organization and immediately take action to regain its independence.

 Charles Rachlis

 —–Original Message—–

From: H. Mattson Austin []

Sent: Monday, April 05, 2010 4:28 PM

To: Chris Voight; Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL)

Cc: Rogers, Chris (CDPH-FDLB); Velez, Patty@DFG; Lisa Crvarich

Subject: Re: Accessibility of bylaws and policy file?

Ahh, Giorgio again. 

I’m not sure what he’s up to with “meeting with a few colleagues to discuss the representation processs”, but he has insinuated repeatedly that something is amiss and thinks that this general policy document contains the seeds of some great wrong that has been perpetrated upon him, or upon the membership.  I see the shadow of Charles Rachlis back there somewhere, fomenting that because Giorgio, through his disability, needs some special “manual” in order to deal with “his relationship” with CAPS, he is somehow being harmed greatly.

In fact, Giorgio’s constant repetition of wanting to discuss the manual went so far as to have Chris Rogers offer to sit down with him with the manual and go over anything he needed to see.  The manual is that innocent. 

He has, I believe, a deficit in being able to understand what is happening around him. 



That the previous board and the current chair of the MDRC knew of and did nothing about this proves their bias and inability to serve in a fair judicial review of these charges.


In the tradition of Stalin’s Moscow show trials and the Spanish Inquisition the CAPS leadership is running from the truth of its own crimes against the membership, by attacking the candidates who dared to expose them.   Kill the messenger and you can continue to sell out the membership!  For the crime of running for office and demanding democratic procedure be adhered to, candidates who ran on the CAPS Fighting Union Caucus are called to this show trial intended to lead to termination of membership to be judged by the very officers of the organization who they exposed in the last election (in which our caucus received 25% of the vote).  We denounce this kangaroo court and demand this grievance be dismissed.

Despite our appeal to reason, lack of JUST CAUSE and CONFLICT OF INTEREST we expect the purge/ show trial/ inquisition to continue.   So in the interest of informing the membership we record the following responses to the allegations put before us by the vindictive President of CAPS David Miller which are to be heard by his dutiful co-conspirator and Vice President Patty Velez who defeated me in the election for Vice President by 400+ votes to my 153 and who now sits on the committee (MDRC) formed to hear the charges.

Response to charges:

1)    The first charge referred to as conduct at the CAPS office is a total fabrication made up of lies of omission and of commission creating perjured testimony presented by Matt Austin who lied both in court and  in his court documents in order to, protect his fiefdom by  imposing a restraining order on me (Charles Rachlis) after physically battering me upon entry to the CAPS office and assaulting me with the statement “You don’t know who your messing with buster.”

The membership and the MDRC must take into account that the entire submittal and all the attachments on this charge were considered in a court  of law and  were dismissed by a judge who found Matt Austin’s claims  to be insubstantial.  Austin and Crvarich were then laughed out of court by a least a dozen trade-unionists who came to witness the attempt to impose a long-term restraining order on Rachlis.   

The link below is to the Charles Rachlis response to Lisa Crvarich and Matt Austin’s request from the court for a restraining order. After examining the Austin/Crvarich submittal and looking at the Rachlis submittal  the judge concluded that Matt Austin had no case.  The grievance committee should accept the finding of the superior court and reject the Miller/Austin/Cravich submittal. To do otherwise would be to take the word of a person we just showed by his own words to be prejudicial , a person with a track record of stalling and unethical behavior, over that of a rank and file member seeking the memberships democratic rights.

(See link to and attached documents Rachlis submitted to court in response to Austin charges.PDF and attachment #1 to hard copy)  I stand 100% by my statement in the linked documents which were submitted to court and which formed the basis for the dismissal of the harassment charge by Austin against Rachlis.  I therefore demand that this charge be dismissed. 

2)    Advocating decertification.  As stated earlier without a copy of the policy manual being made available to me even after weeks of asking and waiting, and in the case of Mr. Cosentino months of asking and waiting, there is no way either of us  would have known the rules leading to such charges therefore there is no just cause for this charge. 

In any event I never advocated decertification of CAPS.  I asked the rhetorical question:  “Is it time to decertify the public unions and forge fighting unions”.   Those who do no understand the difference between asking a question and a statement should be sent back to school.  Consider the e-mail from Chris Voight to Giorgio  previously reproduced on page 2 of this document, dated July 5th 2011, Voight states: “You are a member and have a right to ask any question.”  Obviously this applies not only to Cosentino but to all members but now Rachlis is being purged for asking a question. You can’t have it both ways!  Either, you can ask questions or you can not!

The conclusion of that leaflet was to state that the separate unions are ineffective that to defend our rights all the unions need to fight as one and that a struggle to unite all the unions into one public workers union would better serve our interests.  This is not the call for a decertification campaign.   It is a suggestion for a strategy which could be carried out in any number of ways.  Uniting all the unions could be done via the convocation of membership meetings and democratic discussion about how to best defend our rights. In such a democratic discussion the question of creating ONE BIG UNION would be a legitimate discussion.  That the current leadership and I disagree on the road forward for labor is a given but calling for labor organizations to reconsider their organizational method and unite as one is not calling for, forming a campaign for, or  signing a document with the goal of decertifying of CAPS.   I demand that this charge be dismissed.

3)    Sending repeated unsolicited emails is listed as a charge.  Again the same objection applies without access to or being given a copy of the policy manual no JUST CAUSE exists. 

In any case we can consider the fallacy of this charge based on its merits in regard to the belatedly delivered policy manual.  Although in the CAPS policy manual this phrase refers to communications which are: “Harassing, abusing, defaming or threatening any other CAPS member for his or her exercise of union activities…”  Indeed our caucus did send a series of campaign bulletins to the membership.   However none of these communications harassed, abused, defamed or threatened any other CAPS member for his or her exercise of union activities.  All these communications were objective analysis, critique and proposals for solutions to the crisis of the illegal functioning of the CAPS organization under the current leadership and controlled by Blanning and Baker. All these communications are posted in the August, September and October archive tab at and are hereby submitted into evidence for the membership to consider.  Furthermore everyone who requested to have their e-mail addresses removed from further communications was removed.  This charge does not conform to the Policy Manual, nor is there JUST CAUSE  and it  is baseless therefore I demand that it be dismissed.

In the grievance against Rachlis an affidavit is presented by Chris Voight regarding my visit to the union offices on August 26th.  Our experience with Chris Voight is therefore relevant.  As we discovered at the November 2010 informational meeting at DTSC, Chris Voight (partner in B&B living off of the dues of Unit 10 dues and fair share payers), is an elitist who perpetuates anti-working class ideology inside of the CAPS organization.  Following that meeting we requested that the CAPS board admonish the contractor for his condescending viewpoints and elitist attitudes.  But the CAPS board did nothing thus again showing prejudicial favor to the Blanning and Baker partner whose testimony the MDRC is asked to consider over the request of a member to end elitism among CAPS agents.  His testimony, dismissed as rubbish in court, has as much place, in this hearing, as his elitist attitudes have in CAPS-NONE!  See our request to the board from that the elitism of staff members be addressed:

November 12, 2010

Please forward to the CAPS board. 

At the DTSC CAPS site meeting last week Chris Voight took time to explain to the assembled that CAPS members are professionals, that many members have advanced degrees and that we are not like those other workers; in particular he referred to janitors and administrative workers.  Presumably we do not act like them and we struggle for our rights in a more refined manner!

This is not the first time I have heard this line of reasoning from of CAPS staffers.  Members should take offense at this attempt by our staff to separate CAPS members from, create an air of rarified elitism over, and there-by prevent solidarity in word and deed with, our co-workers who are janitors, admin staff and the like; most of whom may not have had the opportunity for the elevated level of education that CAPS members had access to. 

Luckily this embarrassing derogatory attitude was not embraced by the CAPS VP (Valarie Brown) who told us that she started as an administrative person herself.  Kudos to Valarie Brown for speaking to the issue of worker equality and not bowing to the elitist viewpoint that Chris has adopted. 

There is no room in the trade union movement for this type class-ism and our board should admonish CAPS staff to change their attitude or keep it to themselves.  Ultimately this type of class-ism prevents us from uniting with our natural allies and puts us in the camp of the elite the very bosses, bankers and speculators who own the politicians we have to negotiate with for our contract.  This attitude, on the part of our staff, indicates that staff has internalized the dominant ideology which drives a wedge separating the middle class and the traditional working class and, in turn use that separation to impose the austerity on us all  with out a fight.

This commentary by Chris Voight was Blanning and Baker’s way of telling us that our options, of how to fight against the attack on our wages and benefits, are limited to reliance on the courts and the politicians (the two failed options they are masters of).  Those may be the only options Blanning and Baker are capable of envisioning but they are not the only options.  Only a few weeks ago the RNs at Children’s Hospital in Oakland (many with advanced degrees and commanding salaries which might make State Scientists feel like janitors and administrative persons) took strike action for three days.  It is not unheard of for workers in similarly “rarified positions” and with advanced degrees to show a little muscle.

Despite CAPS staffers claim that they won the furlough case, it was pointed out from the floor, that in actuality the loss of over 60 days pay so far and ongoing furloughs,  indicates that the abstract paper win in the courts has translated in to concrete hardship for our members.   While parity issues were addressed as the perpetual legal battle they have become, no one mentioned that we have lost close to 18% for lack of COLA’s over the last 10 years.  Of course parity would be nice (if it is ever won) but regular COLA’s are essential!

When one rank and file member suggested that we press Jerry Brown to end the furloughs on his first day in office, Chris and the assembled board members admonished us to not pressure Brown or expect much from him as he is already under the right wing gun and media scrutiny for supposedly being in the pocket of the unions.  Ending the furloughs, we were told, is going to take time, a long time.  And again we were assured the furloughs are, in our legal expert opinion, illegal.  One might then ask, if they are indeed illegal, what’s would be the problem of insisting that the new governor abide the law?

One might also ask why did CAPS give support to a politician who we can’t even ask to take our cause immediately.  But it is clear why.  The CAPS staff and apparently the board have distain for any type of independent economic or political job action by the rank and file  worker members of CAPS which might confront the cozy relation the lobbyists have developed in Sacramento or threaten to by-pass the court based solutions which keep CAPS funds flowing to Blanning and Baker and which just lost us 60 days and counting of pay already.   

There were plenty of opportunities to build joint action with other state workers during the period of the furloughs.  If the State Scientists and Engineers (also under the influence of Blanning and Baker) took to the streets and mobilized their members these highly educated and relatively well paid workers would have inspired others and could have changed the dynamics but when other state workers marched on Sacramento, held pickets at state buildings and highway overpasses, reached out to the communities of public services and education which were being cut the CAPS leadership and staff  did nothing.  This is proof positive that the current staff and leadership has no winning strategy. 

As for the view that professionals don’t take job actions like those other lowly janitors and administration workers, consider the Doctors in Luxembourg :

“Doctors in Luxembourg continue protest against health reforms

Thousands of health workers may strike indefinitely in Luxembourg later this month. They are seeking to pressure the government to abandon its health reform. Members of the Association of Doctors and Dentists in Luxembourg (AMMD) trade union have worked half their normal hours in recent weeks. Their action began on October 22.

Medical workers are concerned that the reform, which gives the state greater control, would mean an end to patients being able to choose which doctor to visit. There is also fear over a proposal to place the personal details of patients into a national database.

On Wednesday, AMMD General Secretary Claude Schummer said that the members of the union would continue to provide reduced services. Representatives of the union had “unanimously decided to carry on with the strike but would not enhance the measures taken so far”, she said.”

 Charles Rachlis Associate Industrial Hygienist/

 For lack of regular or annual membership meetings the membership was disarmed in the fight for a fair contract.  Our struggle for a democratic discussion about the consequences of accepting the proposal of the negotiating team is reflected in this letter sent to the CAPS board on 3/24/11.  Democratic regular membership meetings were never held, alternate strategy and tactics are not allowed to be discussed by the membership.

 Had there been regular or annual membership meetings or an organizational e-forum where members could put issues on the agenda to be discussed before the membership, as is the practice in all democratic unions, then there would have been no need to, run for office in order to address the membership or to communicate with the membership to propose an alternate strategy.  However because of the illegal disregard for CCC on the part of the CAPS leadership and the Executive Director I had no choice but to go directly to the membership via e-mails.  Again the following letter shows that our campaign for democracy and an alternate strategy predate the time of the alleged incidents in the charges.


OPEN LETTER to the CAPS board:

 Please explain what is the venue for membership-wide discussion of the TA among the membership prior to voting for the contract?

 Democracy requires that members have a method of communicating prior to voting on major decisions.

At the informational meetings, conducted a few months ago, the membership rejected the SEIU 1000 deal in straw polls across the Bay Area. Now the negotiating team has signed a TA which is just as bad as the SEIU 1000 deal.

 Under this contract we will work more and our real and relative take home pay will be less than during the furloughs! Contribution to the pension fund is a give back.  This will not increase our retirement pay, this is the worker paying for what was the employers responsibility. Ultimately we end up working for free for close to two days a month.  This is a slave deal!  

The deal does nothing about our COLA’s which are in the arrears to the amount of 18% over the last 10 years;  25% if you count the losses from the furloughs.  Moving directly to a vote without providing a venue for the membership to communicate would be a breach of maintenance of any semblance of democratic protocol. The deal negotiates a two tier retirement system which spits the new members from the old members destroying solidarity. 

 The negotiating team letter indicated that they fought hard to achieve this.  I did not see any fight.  The leadership did not mobilize the membership. The leadership did not build solidarity with other unions during the furloughs.  The leadership refused to take the fight to the streets!  The inter-union organizing committee was reaching out to build broader actions and this leadership stifled it. 

The executive board did not convene emergency membership meetings to develop a fighting strategy.  The strategy of dependence on the courts did not put one dime in our member’s pockets; but it kept the lawyers working while we were on furlough!  All this board has done is give our millions to the lobbyists and  lawyers….year after year and what do we have to show?  With your proposed TA every scientist is worse off than ten years ago.  This board depended on their coziness with the Democrats and support of Brown to help deliver a fair contract.  But when members argued that this was a decision the membership should discuss, because it is based on a failed strategy, the leadership refused to provide a democratic forum.  Indeed our membership is denied access to each other.  Ask yourself how many of the 3,000 CAPS members do you know and have access to?  This is not a democratic union this is a isolation ward run by pickpockets feeding the law firm.

 How do you evaluate a strategy after 10 years if you don’t even allow a discussion?  How do you keep paying a law firm that fails at its task for 10 years if the employers of that law firm (the membership) are never convened into the By-Laws mandated annual meeting!  This organization has been run in violation of the by-laws for 10 years taking our money and dispensing it illegally by a treasurer who has not been duly installed, as required by the by-laws, at an annual membership meeting.  Members rights and due process are being violated-that is how we end up with a rotten sell-out concessionary TA,

 I demand the by-laws be followed!

  • That an annual meeting be convened where the entire membership can communicate prior to voting on this TA. 
  • With modern technology the entire membership can be linked up in a democratic conference format.  If we do not have staff that accomplish can this then we don’t have the right people working for us.

 Charles Rachlis  March 24, 2011

Associate Industrial Hygienist

Charles.Rachlis@CDPH.CA.GOV  (415) 205-0359

On 3/29/11, long before we were made aware of the February 2011 changes in the bylaws affected by the leadership in a pathetic attempt to hide their long term criminal negligence and theft of the membership’s rights and funds, we wrote:



At the informational meetings, conducted a few months ago, the membership rejected the SEIU 1000 deal in straw polls across the Bay Area. Now the negotiating team has signed a TA just as bad as the SEIU 1000 deal.  While bankers get bonuses our leaders capitulate.


Under this contract we will work more and our real and relative take home pay will be less than before the furloughs! Contribution to the pension fund is a give back.  This will not increase our retirement pay; this forces us to pay for what was the employer’s responsibility. The deal negotiates a two tier retirement system splitting future members from current members hindering potential solidarity.  Ultimately, between the give back on the pension and increasing medical premiums we end up working for free for close to two days a month.  This is a slave deal!  


The deal does nothing about our COLA’s which are in the arrears to the amount of 18% over the last 10 years; 25% if you count our losses from the furloughs.  Moving directly to a vote without providing a venue for the membership to discuss is be a breach of any semblance of democratic protocol.  Real unions hold mass membership meetings to discuss and debate contracts!


The negotiating team letter indicated that they fought hard to achieve this.  I did not see any fight.  The leadership did not mobilize the membership. The leadership did not build solidarity with other unions during the furloughs.  The leadership accepts the politicians lie that “there is no money” and has not organized to take the fight beyond the courts!  The inter-union organizing committee reached out building solidarity actions against the furloughs and this leadership stifled it. 


The executive board did not convene emergency membership meetings to develop a fighting strategy.  The strategy of dependence on the courts did not put one dime in our member’s pockets; but it kept the lawyers working while we were on furlough!   The board has given our millions to the lobbyists and lawyers….year after year and what do we have to show?   With this TA every scientist is worse off than ten years ago.   This board depended on coziness with the Democrats and support of Brown to help deliver a fair contract.   But when members argued that this is a failed strategy and that the membership needs a venue to discuss strategy, the board refused to provide a democratic forum.   Indeed our membership is denied access to itself.  Ask yourself how many of the 3,000 CAPS members do you know and have access to?   This is not a democratic union this is an isolation ward run by pickpockets feeding the law firm. A leadership incapable of defending previous gains is incapable of winning back from losses!


How do you evaluate a strategy after 10 years if you are not allowed a discussion?  How do you keep paying a law firm that fails at its task for 10 years, if the employers of that law firm (the membership) are never convened into the By-Laws mandated annual meeting!  By admission CAPS general counsel this organization has been run in violation of the bylaws for 10 years.  They have been taking our money, dispensing it illegally, by a treasurer who has not been duly installed, as required by the by-laws, at an annual membership meeting.  Members rights and due process are being violated-that is how we end up with a rotten sell-out concessionary TA. 

  • I demand the by-laws be followed!
  • That an annual meeting be convened where the entire membership can communicate prior to voting on this TA.  Demand only duly sworn officers run the election!
  • With modern technology the entire membership can be linked up in a democratic conference format.  If we do not have staff that can accomplish this then we don’t have the right people working for us.


Charles Rachlis (415)205-0359

After I brought it to the attention of the Board that that the Executive Director and the Board have been criminally negligent for over a decade by ignoring the bylaws during the November 2010 informational meetings they raced into the February 2011 board meeting to do a mop up operation and wrote the right to an annual membership meeting out of the bylaws.  In place they put in the right to regular meetings at a time and place specified by the board.  To date the organization has yet to convene a regular or an annual meeting in over ten years placing the organization in violation of CCC.  Such meetings, if they are held, are they only place besides running for office  that a member can put their concerns in front of the assembled membership but the electoral avenues are closed due to censorship of the election statements.  And  by never convening the regular or annual meetings the membership is effectively denied the right and ability to ever confer with itself.  The entire legal foundation and citations for these arguments were presented to PERB and are hereby submitted to the membership to consider.  The MDRC (if it is possible to convene an impartial MDRC) must consider the content of this PERB  complaint at the following link. this document submitted as a complaint to PERB stands  as a record for the membership to consider the illegal fashion business has been conducted by CAPS over the years. 

The following e-mails display our long term concern and inquiry into the functioning of the CAPS organization.   It was in the process of asking these types of questions, attending the informational meetings that we discovered the illegal and undemocratic practices of the current leadership.

From: Rachlis, Charles (CDPH-ADM-PSBPH)
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 12:16 PM
To: ‘CAPS’; Rogers, Chris (CDPH-FDLB)
Cc: Cosentino, Giorgio (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL); Enge, Barryett (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL); Hodgkinson, Christina (CDPH-CFH-GDSP-PDEB); Ni, Frank (CDPH-CID-DCDC-MDL)
Subject: Request for information

To the CAPS board:

Please provide me with the following information:

1)    Treasurers report and budget for the duration of my membership. (about three years).

2)    Current membership list.

3)    Minutes of the last three Annual Meetings (2010,2009, 2008).

Thank you,

Charles Rachlis

Associate Industrial Hygienist/


From: Rachlis, Charles (CDPH-ADM-PSBPH)
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 11:07 AM
To: ‘CAPS’
Cc: Enge, Barryett (CDPH-CID-DCDC-VRDL); Rogers, Chris (CDPH-FDLB)
Subject: CAPS Board

Please forward to the CAPS board.

Please answer the following questions and provide the requested information.

1)    When will the member’s annual meeting for 2010, as mandated in the By-laws, be held?

2)    Please answer how can an officer who has not been duly installed as per the By-laws dispense organizations funds?

3)    Please provide a copy of the organizations Budget and Treasurers report for the three years during which I have been a member of CAPS.

4)    Please explain how are members expected to call for a special meeting of the organization which requires 30% of the organization to sign a petition for such a meeting, if the members are not given access to each other?

5)    Has the board addressed the issue of democratizing communications in the organization?

6)    Has the board addressed the elitist remarks of Chris Voight at the DTSC site meeting last month?

Charles Rachlis

Associate Industrial Hygienist/


Following the recent election we concluded on 8/22/11 that:

CAPS is clearly a criminal outfit stealing members funds and neglecting members rights


It appears, from the lack of response to our inquires (scroll down), that CAPS legal team and board has dug itself into a hole from which they are afraid to emerge. 


They know that the by-laws are a covenant with the membership and that PERB’s allows CAPS to take money from all unit 10 members based on adherence to those by-laws.  They also know that they have not adhered to the by-laws requirement to hold an annual membership meeting (in at least 2008,  2009, or 2010) nor have they adhered to the requirement for a 20 day notice (which they did not do for the informational meetings because the board members and lawyers  claim those “informational meetings”  held in November were not covered in the by-laws).  They know as well as I do that for at least the three years I have been a member there has been no annual membership meeting, that is why they can not forward the minutes we have requested on more than one occasion.


They also know that regular board meetings are not membership meetings and that it would take a change of the by-laws to subsume the duties of the annual meeting into the board’s duties.  They also know that the by-laws calls for the annual membership meeting to have a quorum, which they cannot produce without holding united or electronically linked meetings.


They also know that the officers must be duly installed at the annual membership meeting.  They also know that without duly installed officers no one is authorized by the membership to distribute funds,  which means all fund distributions to our legal team and staff and what ever else they spend funds on have all been illegal since the last time an annual meeting was held and the union staff and leadership have knowingly neglected their fiduciary responsibility and furthermore  have exposed our organization to the potentiality of a law suit by any class of members who may choose to seek legal resolve to the ongoing theft and misuse of funds.  Indeed if this case went to court as a class action suit it may result in all funds distributed illegally being returned to the organization by those, who without being duly installed as officers of the organization, dispersed them.  It is a simple case of taking funds under false pretenses in other words if there are no duly installed officers no one can dispense funds, the board can not produce minutes of the annual membership meeting where the officers were installed because they did not happen, ergo illegal distribution of funds is an ongoing practice of this board. 


It is clear to me, as it should be to you, that taking our dues monthly out of our paychecks and ignoring the members rights as outlined in the by-laws is highly irregular and illegal.  I called the California AFL-CIO and asked them if they ever heard of such a thing and they were shocked.  It is no doubt this illegal operation known as CAPS has a rotten reputation in the labor community. A Sacramento Labor Council leader denounced CAPS as a SCAB union at the United Public Workers for Action conference I attended in Sacramento two years ago.  So not only does CAPS have a rotten reputation in the labor movement but they are operating as a criminal outfit with disregard for the rights of the members to annual meetings and distribution of our funds by persons who have not been installed as officers as per the by-laws.  This is indeed a criminal outfit. 


Scientists may not have much need or interest in their union but even a home-owner association must abide its by-laws under threat of legal consequences.  I for one am sick of paying $600.00 a year to an organization that denies me my rights. If members want their union to be run democratically we will need to take action or continue to be robbed by a useless bunch of lawyers who have no idea how to fight the furloughs or the austerity the Brown administration has promised will come.  We should hold a CAPS members meeting next week to discuss how to get our union back.


Charles Rachlis

The grievance claims Charles Rachlis harassed members by sending unwanted emails. 

As outlined in many of our statements we have shown that the CAPS leadership and Blanning and Baker denied members the legally required and bylaws mandated forum to address the business of the organization.  By replacing the mandated annual membership meeting (2007 Bylaws) with informational meetings and refusing to convene the regular membership meetings (violation of CCC) Blanning and Baker acting as agents for CAPS neglected their fiduciary responsibility toward the membership by not protecting our legal rights and neglecting to inform the board of the legal requirements which the organization was in violation of.  Because of these violations rank and file members who wanted to address the membership about the business of the organization had no recourse other than to run for office and reach out to the membership via a campaign.  Because the CAPS election committee limited and censored the statements of the opposition candidates they gave the candidates no choice but to seek alternate methods of reaching the membership to assure a democratic discussion.  The CAPS staff refused to produce a phone list, and address list as required by California Corporate Code (CCC) we had no choice but to construct our own e-mail list.  The list staff provided was not sufficient to meet the requirements of CCC .  The list was used to send campaign materials dedicated to reinvigorating CAPS with democratic practices and a fighting spirit.  These were in no way harassment all recipients who requested that their addresses be removed or used an opt out request were removed from subsequent communications (although a few requesters took a few days to remove from all the lists, ultimately, all who so requested, were removed).  Due to the censorship and violations of CCC and bylaws members and candidates have no way to initiate an open democratic discussion other than  to write to each other (via e-mail) about issues such as those outlined below and sent to our membership list on 09/12/11:

Thus as no harassment against members for engaging in union activities existed, as the policy manual from which this charge was derived was not made available, as the action of sending e-mails to the members is a protected union activity of a legitimate candidate this charge is baseless and must be dismissed.

I would like to take the time to thank President Miller and Valarie Chenoweth-Brown for timing their grievance procedure so accurately.  The grievance submitted was filed with the MDRC on September 19th 2011.  It then took three months for the MDRC to release which appears to have been intended to make for a Christmas tiding as the date of release was December 22nd, in turn, arriving in my mail on December 24th.   And a ho-ho-ho to you too!

And it further appears that a Christmas tiding it was indeed, as the three months the MDRC deliberated rather than calling the hearing within the mandated 30 days requires that the entire charge be commended to the circular file. 

This MDRC must dismiss all charges based on consideration of the Policy Manual page 7 Section K. 6.f.:

“Investigation and Decision.  The Committee shall conduct an investigation.  If the facts are not in dispute as determined by at least three of the five members of the Committee, and the recommendation is to reject the charges, no hearing is necessary.  Otherwise, the Committee shall hold a hearing.   This hearing shall be in person, or by conference call, or a combination of each, to begin within 30 days of the Committee’s receipt of the charge(s).  The Committee, after hearing, shall make a determination whether the charges are valid and if so, whether the charged party should be issued a written admonition, suspended from membership for a finite period of time or dismissed from membership.”

Pursuant to Policy Manual page 7 Section K. 6.f As the grievance was submitted to the MDRC on September 19th, 2011 and the hearing was mandated to be convened within 30 days but was not scheduled until January 12th 2012.   The MDRC had a thirty day window which opened on September 16th hence this hearing is out of order, is being convened in violation of the policy manual and the entire proceeding is a deliberate harassment of my winter holiday and a form of retribution against the opposition candidates and must be dismissed.  Oh yes and one wonders why they held out on giving us the policy manual for over a year!  Because they can’t abide it themselves! 

Last point…can I have the membership list now I want to petition the membership to hold a special meeting!

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Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Posted on November 19, 2011 by 

18 November 2011

Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Linda P.B. Katehi,

I am a junior faculty member at UC Davis. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, and I teach in the Program in Critical Theory and in Science & Technology Studies. I have a strong record of research, teaching, and service. I am currently a Board Member of the Davis Faculty Association. I have also taken an active role in supporting the student movement to defend public education on our campus and throughout the UC system. In a word: I am the sort of young faculty member, like many of my colleagues, this campus needs. I am an asset to the University of California at Davis.

You are not.

I write to you and to my colleagues for three reasons:

1) to express my outrage at the police brutality which occurred against students engaged in peaceful protest on the UC Davis campus today

2) to hold you accountable for this police brutality

3) to demand your immediate resignation

Today you ordered police onto our campus to clear student protesters from the quad. These were protesters who participated in a rally speaking out against tuition increases and police brutality on UC campuses on Tuesday—a rally that I organized, and which was endorsed by the Davis Faculty Association. These students attended that rally in response to a call for solidarity from students and faculty who were bludgeoned with batons,hospitalized, and arrested at UC Berkeley last week. In the highest tradition of non-violent civil disobedience, those protesters had linked arms and held their ground in defense of tents they set up beside Sproul Hall. In a gesture of solidarity with those students and faculty, and in solidarity with the national Occupy movement, students at UC Davis set up tents on the main quad. When you ordered police outfitted with riot helmets, brandishing batons and teargas guns to remove their tents today, those students sat down on the ground in a circle and linked arms to protect them.

What happened next?

Without any provocation whatsoever, other than the bodies of these students sitting where they were on the ground, with their arms linked, police pepper-sprayed students.Students remained on the ground, now writhing in pain, with their arms linked.

What happened next?

Police used batons to try to push the students apart. Those they could separate, they arrested, kneeling on their bodies and pushing their heads into the ground. Those they could not separate, they pepper-sprayed directly in the face, holding these students as they did so. When students covered their eyes with their clothing, police forced open their mouths and pepper-sprayed down their throats. Several of these students were hospitalized. Others are seriously injured. One of them, forty-five minutes after being pepper-sprayed down his throat, was still coughing up blood.

This is what happened. You are responsible for it.

You are responsible for it because this is what happens when UC Chancellors order police onto our campuses to disperse peaceful protesters through the use of force: students get hurt. Faculty get hurt. One of the most inspiring things (inspiring for those of us who care about students who assert their rights to free speech and peaceful assembly) about the demonstration in Berkeley on November 9 is that UC Berkeley faculty stood together with students, their arms linked together. Associate Professor of English Celeste Langan was grabbed by her hair, thrown on the ground, and arrested. Associate Professor Geoffrey O’Brien was injured by baton blows. Professor Robert Hass, former Poet Laureate of the United States, National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner, was also struck with a baton. These faculty stood together with students in solidarity, and they too were beaten and arrested by the police. In writing this letter, I stand together with those faculty and with the students they supported.

One week after this happened at UC Berkeley, you ordered police to clear tents from the quad at UC Davis. When students responded in the same way—linking arms and holding their ground—police also responded in the same way: with violent force. The fact is: the administration of UC campuses systematically uses police brutality to terrorize students and faculty, to crush political dissent on our campuses, and to suppress free speech and peaceful assembly. Many people know this. Many more people are learning it very quickly.

You are responsible for the police violence directed against students on the UC Davis quad on November 18, 2011. As I said, I am writing to hold you responsible and to demand your immediate resignation on these grounds.

On Wednesday November 16, you issued a letter by email to the campus community. In this letter, you discussed a hate crime which occurred at UC Davis on Sunday November 13. In this letter, you express concern about the safety of our students. You write, “it is particularly disturbing that such an act of intolerance should occur at a time when the campus community is working to create a safe and inviting space for all our students.” You write, “while these are turbulent economic times, as a campus community, we must all be committed to a safe, welcoming environment that advances our efforts to diversity and excellence at UC Davis.”

I will leave it to my colleagues and every reader of this letter to decide what poses a greater threat to “a safe and inviting space for all our students” or “a safe, welcoming environment” at UC Davis: 1) Setting up tents on the quad in solidarity with faculty and students brutalized by police at UC Berkeley? or 2) Sending in riot police to disperse students with batons, pepper-spray, and tear-gas guns, while those students sit peacefully on the ground with their arms linked? Is this what you have in mind when you refer to creating “a safe and inviting space?” Is this what you have in mind when you express commitment to “a safe, welcoming environment?”

I am writing to tell you in no uncertain terms that there must be space for protest on our campus. There must be space for political dissent on our campus. There must be space for civil disobedience on our campus. There must be space for students to assert their right to decide on the form of their protest, their dissent, and their civil disobedience—including the simple act of setting up tents in solidarity with other students who have done so. There must be space for protest and dissent, especially, when the object of protest and dissent is police brutality itself. You may not order police to forcefully disperse student protesters peacefully protesting police brutality. You may not do so. It is not an option available to you as the Chancellor of a UC campus. That is why I am calling for your immediate resignation.

Your words express concern for the safety of our students. Your actions express no concern whatsoever for the safety of our students. I deduce from this discrepancy that you are not, in fact, concerned about the safety of our students. Your actions directly threaten the safety of our students. And I want you to know that this is clear. It is clear to anyone who reads your campus emails concerning our “Principles of Community” and who also takes the time to inform themselves about your actions. You should bear in mind that when you send emails to the UC Davis community, you address a body of faculty and students who are well trained to see through rhetoric that evinces care for students while implicitly threatening them. I see through your rhetoric very clearly. You also write to a campus community that knows how to speak truth to power. That is what I am doing.

I call for your resignation because you are unfit to do your job. You are unfit to ensure the safety of students at UC Davis. In fact: you are the primary threat to the safety of students at UC Davis. As such, I call upon you to resign immediately.


Nathan Brown
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Program in Critical Theory
University of California at Davis

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Subject: CAPS Rank and File fighting union election Bulletin #2

Brother and Sister CAPS members,

Last November the CAPS board and Staffers ran their little dog and pony show across the state to sell to the membership the very same rotten contract we rejected just three months earlier in straw polls at the informational summer meetings.   I made interventions at the meetings in an attempt to persuade the membership to reject the rotten contract.  But to do so I had to fight for the right to address the membership and put a discussion of strategy and tactics on the agenda.  This should not be such a hard thing for a member  of a union to accomplish but I found out that indeed this organization has been manipulated to prevent any one member from  putting any union business before the other 2,500-3,000 members.  I also found out that others had tried before and been driven out of the organization.

In review of that episode find attached find a compendium of communications produced during the November meetings.  In particular we reproduce a letter entitled “Check Elitism at the Door” a response to the viewpoint of Chris Voight that scientists are superior beings, heads above the lowly working class and therefore too elite to engage in class struggle, better for us to let the lawyers fight for us.  And even more interesting we reproduce a letter from Lauran Wold an ex CAPS board member who came to the realization that CAPS is little more than a trough from which Blanning and Baker drinks.  Also included in the compendium are reports from two of the three informational meetings I attended in the Bay Area.  Most interesting was a statement from CAPS board member David Miller that no one pays attention to the bylaws.   Well that really got my goat!

So after my pointing out how their refusal to abide the bylaws was a breech of contractual agreement, a breech a fiduciary responsibility, and a theft from the members of dues by denial of rights, the board (most likely under the influence of  Blanning and Baker in the guise of Austin and Voight)   amended the 2007 bylaws last February without telling the membership in hope that no one would notice what had been stolen from us.  As I suggested yesterday call or email CAPS and ask for your own copy of the 2007 and 2011 bylaws and read them side by side.

The CAPS FIGHTING UNION CAUCUS is against suing the union because we believe labor needs to clean its own house.  But we have no objection to CAPS suing Blanning and Baker’s appointed Executive Director and the entire  firm both individually and collectively for breech of fiduciary responsibility and denial of our rights for 10 years while taking our money and directing it to their coffers.  The way I figure it, at approximately 1.5 million a year, for ten years of theft of services, they owe us near about 15 million dollars.   That would really start a nice fat job action fund!

But I digress,  when I first heard about the meetings in Summer and fall of 2010  I expected them to be the 2007 bylaws mandated annual membership meetings.  But much to my surprise I found out that they were informational meetings, which members could ask questions at but not set agenda points during.

I should have had a clue about the lack of democracy when I first joined CAPS.  Six months into my membership I called the office and said, “I’m a new member, I can see we are heading into a catastrophic situation that the membership needs to address, when is the next membership meeting?”  The reply I got was, “we don’t have anything to tell you at this time” and then I got the long song and dance about the pay parity case and how it was going.  It crossed my mind to say, “maybe the membership has something to say to you” but I was new and just feeling things out and did not want to step on any toes at the time.  But as I got more familiar with the membership and got a copy of the 2007 bylaws and financial statements it started to become clear to me what CAPS has become, or what is was created to be, a funnel taking scientists money and giving it to Blanning and Baker at the rate of close to 1.5 million dollars a year.

To keep this little racket going Blanning and Baker LLC  had to steal our bylaws mandated rights and convince members of the board that bylaws don’t matter. In so doing this law firm has devalued our labor year after year by signing contracts without COLA’s conceding on furloughs (now PLDs), increasing our contributions to pensions and medical all without a fight.  How did they get away with it?

Blanning and Baker staff and CAPS leadership push the position that scientists are not workers, that somehow, according to Chirs Voight  we (See  attached letter* “Check elitism at the door”), are too prestigious to get our hands dirty in the class struggle and that the only option we had was to go along with what Governor Brown had to offer (basically the Schwarzenegger contract), the membership accepted the  same rotten deal we had rejected  a few months earlier.

We see this as a sign of resignation and demoralization because the members did not have leadership with a strategy and tactics capable of defeating the lies of the top 0.01% and their bought and paid for media pundits who offer a dialog that spans the entire alphabet from A-B (CNN-FOX).  Listening to these corporate paid pundits our leadership and staff laments the “fact” that the public hates us.  Despite the fact that more scientific polls show the public is on our side.    Miscalculating the public viewpoint, and relieved that they do not have to do more than sell the membership concessionary contracts and more lawsuits, CAPS (Blanning and Baker) staff threw in the towel and protested when workers (at the DTSC meeting) demanded that we hold Brown to his perceived pro-labor image.

The CAPS FIGHTING UNION CAUCUS has commenced on a campaign to end the domination of CAPS by a law firm which is both incapable of serving our interests and dedicated to taking our dues into their balance sheet.  Please call CAPS or write the office and ask for a record of financial statements for the duration of your membership.  The staff is obligated to make those records available to you.  What you will see is that your dues money has been sustaining the Blanning and Bakers habitual need to go to court.  Despite loosing case after case Blanning and Baker never actually loose.   Why?  Because they get paid at our expense despite loosing.  There is a term that defines the behavior of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!  It is called insanity.

But we have a choice keep the current leadership and the thieves of Blanning and Baker in place or lift ourselves out of our B&B imposed apathy and miasma and organize unit by unit, job site by job site and form a democratic CAPS capable of uniting with the 1.5 million public workers in California to defend our rights and working conditions against the  interests of the 84 California billionaires who are laughing all the way to the bank while your 401k’s evaporate!   The choice is yours organize or watch the top 0.01% strip us bare while Blanning and Baker shrug their shoulders and say,”that’s the best we could do.”

We still need people to step forward and take the lead by running for office.  You have until August 26th to get a petition with 10 CAPS members’ signatures on it to run for office.

If you find this discussion of value please forward it to other CAPS members around the state.



Charles Rachlis for the CAPS FIGHTING UNION CAUCUS

*This was orginally an email so we will post Check Elitism at the Door and the other referenced documents check the archive to the right.

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