Rank and File Scientists Demanding our Rights


The fullest expression of the CAPS Fighting Union Caucus program is found in the first post Election Bulletin #1 which can be seen by scrolling to the bottom of the posts in the September 2011 archive.

The California Association of Professional Scientists represents State Scientists engaged in various aspects of public health CDPH, fish and game issues, coastal preservation, Cal/OSHA DOSH and Cal/EPA DTSC work.  We have long term pay disparity issues which have recently been compounded by attacks on public workers value, pay, benefits, pensions, and image by corporate elite the top 0.01% who own and rule America.

The current leadership and the labor consulting firm are not prepared to face the current conditions.  They have caved into the “Share the Pain” mentality, to the concessionary bargaining of the period, because they belive the lie that there is no way to make the top 0.01% pay for the crisis so we have to take it in the chin while supporting the Democrats and depending on the courts as our saviour.   These venues have proven useless and we pay the price!

We believe differently.  We believe in the power of the united ranks of labor and the unorganized working class!  We know there is wealth in California and we know how to get it.  Our campaign is dedicated to taking back CAPS, which has become a captive union, from its usurpers in Blanning and Baker LLC., and turn it into a fighting rank and file organization.  The tale of the outragous anti-democratic and illegallities committed against our membership will be outlined in these posts.  Our method and our program are contained in the Election Bulletins.    The election is in October, check the mail for your ballot. Read deeply, check the old and new bylaws, as well as the corporation codes that govern our organization, you will be surprised to find out how misrepresented we have been!

Charles Rachlis for the Campaign of WRIGHT, RACHLIS & COSENTINO


  1. You an IH with DPH?

    Comment by Harvard@Cal | June 28, 2012 | Reply

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