Rank and File Scientists Demanding our Rights

CAPS expells opposition candidates!

The check is truly in the mail! I have received my CAPS dues returned for half of January and all of February. I am now so unwanted they will refuse to even take my “fair share” dues.

It appears the kangaroo court has accepted Matt Austin’s lies and used them to expel me. I was expelled for two reasons. 1) Harassment of Matt Austin by supposedly pushing my way into the CAPS office and yelling at him. 2) For advocating decertification of CAPS. And for my advocacy of ONE STATE WORKERS UNION in a leaflet entitled “Is it time to decertify the public union and forge fighting unions?” served as the coup de grace. Never mind that the Policy Manual which presumably makes such statements a crime against the organization was not made available to me until long after the purported indiscretions.

As everyone who followed the case knows Matt Austin’s accusation against me was thrown out of superior court when he tried to secure a restraining order against me. I claimed then and claim now that Matt Austin struck me in the chest with his forearm when I entered the CAPS office declaring to me “What are your doing here”, he later got up in my face and said.,”listen buster you don’t know who your dealing with”. This was all in an effort to prevent the opposition candidates from securing a mailing list to send campaign material to the membership.

As for the second charge. I never started a campaign to decertify CAPS, I never formed a committee calling for the decertification of CAPS, rather I advocated transforming our unions, currently run by labor hacks and tied to the Democratic and Republican politicians, into vehicles for workers’ power. I offered a number of scenarios as an answer to the rhetorical question “is it time to decertify the public workers unions and forge fighting unions?”. I suggested rank and file members need to remove, replace or rebuild our unions. The call for one State Workers Union does not necessarily indicate a decertification campaign. Rather, if we had a democratic union with real meetings and a forum for regular membership discussion that idea could be discussed among the membership. But alas CAPS does not have regular membership meetings in violation of its old bylaws and of the California Corporate Code, so no real discussion is possible in CAPS.

CAPS was organized by the corporation Blanning and Baker for the express purpose of making CAPS into a profit center for Blanning and Baker LLC. Today Blanning and Baker has manipulated the truth for the purpose of putting the opposition candidates (who received 25% in the last election) out of the organization because we exposed their inability to deliver. NO COLA, NO FIGHT AGAINST THE FURLOUGH, GIVE BACK ON PENSIONS, INCREASE IN MEDICAL INSURANCE, LOST HOLIDAYS, FAILED LEGAL STRATEGY, FAILED POLITICAL STRATEGY AND NO DEMOCRACY IN THE ORGANIZATION.

By exposing Blanning and Baker in front of the membership we have proved that this organization is not a workers’ organization. I invite members to try to attain their rights in this organization and they will find out for themselves that this organization exists not for your rights and welfare but for the partners of Blanning and Baker.
1) Request the old and new bylaws and compare the issue of membership meetings and you will find this organization has a 10 years history of violating members right to a regular annual meeting.
2) Request the Policy Manual.
3) Request a forum to speak to the rest of the membership.

Solidarity For a fighting workers union movement!

Charles Rachlis


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