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Velez must recuse self from MDRC in Miller grevience against Rachlis

To: Patty Velez, Chari , Membership Discipline Review Committee

In the hearing to be held on January 11th 2012 for the grievance filed by Miller/Chenoweth-Brown against Rachlis and Cosentino it is inappropriate for Patty Velez to sit on the Membership Discipline Review Committee. She must recuse herself or be removed for cause. Patty Velez is by definition bias in any case against her opponent in the previous election. With out ever being named directly all her policies and practices during her years as President and on the board have been under political attack from myself, the Inter-Union organizing committee and the CAPS Fighting Union Caucus.

Patty Velez has ignored request for assistance and acted in a prejudicial manner toward myself on more than one occasion:
1) When I reported to the board that at my visit to the CAPS office on August 26th that I was struck in the chest by Matt Austin at the door and assaulted with the threat “Listen buster you don’t know who you’re messing with.” She as President ignored my complaint about the CAPS agent, did nothing to protect the rank and file members from the thuggish actions of the Blanning and Baker CFO , she released no admonition against Matt Austin and she ultimately authorized use of CAPS funds for Austin to take Rachlis to court where his Harassment complaint was rejected by a superior court judge.
2) When I reported on Chris Voight’s elitist attitude toward other workers, which he expressed at the Berkeley DTSC meeting in 2010, and at which Ms.Cheoweth- Brown was at attendance, I demanded that CAPS agents (executive director Chris Voight) be set straight by the board, that there is no room for elitism in CAPS but Ms. Velez took no action.
3) When Matt Austin sent an e-mail to the board disparaging Mr. Cosentino for his disability and slandering me as if I were some nefarious force working in the shadows influencing the hapless victim of my silver tongue, Ms. Velez did nothing to admonish the Blanning and Baker CFO for displaying anti-rank and file attitudes in e-mails to the board.
4) As president of CAPS Patty Velez is responsible for the actions of the Staff during her tenure. It was during this period that Staff assaulted me, insulted disabled workers for their disability, and refused to distribute the Policy Manual upon which these grievances are based. She is therefore culpable and incapable of standing as a non-biased judge

These “non-actions” by ex-President Velez and the fact that I stood against her in the last election critiquing her entire method, platform, strategy and tactics as ineffectual and counter to the interests of the members creates an adversarial relationship between her and myself. By definition she is biased. She must recuse her self or be removed for cause.

Charles Rachlis
Associate Industrial Hygienist


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