Rank and File Scientists Demanding our Rights




Convene a special general meeting with the agenda item of sacking Blanning and Baker and electing a new leadership accountable to and  subject to immediate recall by the membership!

 Caps President Miller has launched a purge trial against Cosentino & Rachlis, candidates from the CAPS Fighting Union Caucus, who received 25% of the recent vote.  The CAPS fighting union caucus exposed the criminal theft of service committed by the incumbents and Blanning and Baker LLC (B&B).  Rachlis defeated Blanning and Baker CFO Matt Austin in San Francisco Superior Court when Austin falsely charged Rachlis with harassment.  The CAPS fighting union caucus has exposed the current leadership for its lack of a mandate (only 400+ of the 2500 members voted for them in the last election), for its inability to maintain democratic standards, for refusal to hold a regular annual meeting as required by law for over 10 years, for its inability to defend our wages, pensions, or benefits, for its perpetual handouts of our dues check off fund to the very same Republican and Democratic politicians who take power and work against us. 

 For challenging this regimes’ self serving practices Rachlis and Cosentino are being run out of CAPS in a Kangaroo court reminiscent of Stalin’s Moscow show trials.  Get this: President Miller presses the charges and Vice President Velez (incumbent candidate who ran against Rachlis) will hear the charges.  The main pieces of evidence offered by Miller were already rejected by a Superior Court Judge, and the other charges are based on a Policy Manual which has not been made available to the membership, either by general distribution, web post or direct delivery upon request.  CAPS staff consciously denied Rachlis & Cosentino access to the policy manual therefore no JUST CAUSE can exist. Rachlis received the manual at the ballot count.

 This petition demands President Miller Drop the Charges against Rachlis and Cosentino and  calls for the holding of a special general membership meeting of CAPS with the single agenda item of sacking Blanning and Baker LLC and electing a new leadership accountable to and  subject to immediate recall by the membership.

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Return petitions to Charles Rachlis @ 708 Albemarle St, El Cerrito, CA 94530 by 1/10/12

Scan and send e-mail copy to &  google docs version of petition



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