Rank and File Scientists Demanding our Rights

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Brothers and Sisters,

We carried out a strong campaign to expose the nature of CAPS.  We intend to characterize CAPS as the worst sort of company union.  While CAPS poses as independent it is nothing of the sort.  The members of CAPS have no real input into the direction of the organization.  The organization has been under captive control of the labor consultation firm Blanning and Baker LLC since its birth.   We learned in court from H. Mattson Austin’s testimony that it was a profit making firm Blanning and Baker LLC which originally got unit 10 members to sign union cards.  This is highly irregular.  Most bargaining units are organized by their own members or by an international union.  But ours was organized for the expressed interest of a profit taking corporation which has run CAPS since its incorporation.  Our campaign started because we found the current leadership incapable of understanding the current economic conditions and incapable of developing a strategy and tactics to defend and advance the interests of the members.  But trying to advance a fighting strategy for labor we found out our union is run by a corporation for a corporation and at the expense of the membership.

What we learned about CAPS during this process.

1) CAPS will take money from Liberty Mutual insurance company and give them access to members home mail addresses but will not allow rank and file members the right to write to  the membership, even during a campaign, with uncensored statements or campaign material.

2) Blanning and Baker LLc. will do everything they can to prevent rank and file members, even when they are candidates, from having uncensored access to the membership. We witnessed H. Mattson Austin assault a CAPS  member and perjure himself in court to keep the candidate from having access to a membership list. These thugs will even slap a law suit on a rank and file candidate member which they know will get laughed out of court as was the case of Austin vs. Rachlis.

3) CAPS has no staff.  Blanning and Baker LLC. is the employeer of a non-union staff.  In other words our union is run by  a scab shop.

4) CAPS has no office. CAPS  is run out of the offices of Blanning and Baker LLc.

5) CAPS gave Presidential candidate David Miller $15,000.00 for his failed run for a position on the CALPERS board.

6) Blanning and Baker strut their stuff by passing CAPS PAC money around to politicians who take vote against our interests, impose the austerity on our backs while letting the major corporations and California’s 84 billionaires off scott free!

7) CAPS under the direction of Blanning and Baker LLc.  censor rank and file candidates statements but allow the incumbents the right to disparage and make insinuating statements against the fighting union caucus candidates.

8) CAPS under the direction of Blanning and Baker LLc. uses the CAPSULE and the CAP e-mail to write puff stories on the incumbents “magnificent” contributions even giving Candidat Valez a one page good-by letter during the last week of the campaign with no offer of equal space to the opposing candidates.

9) Blanning and Baker LLc. has directed its staff not to respond to requests from  opposition candidates for Policy and Procedure documents and has not produced an independent audit of CAPS finances to the opposition candidates.

10) That CAPS has not held the by-laws mandated annual membership meeting in over 10 years in violation of both the By-laws and the California Corporate Code.

11) That PERB has no provision to protect a union members rights from its union’s disregard for the law or lack of democracy.

12) That CAPS is organized as a Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation and is therefore subject to California Corporate Code with mandates both regular membership meetings (with technological accommodation for organizations separated by geography), and demands that members be given access to a membership list including addresses and phone numbers.  This is to assure candidates have the ability to reach the membership with their positions, and that rank and file members have the right to bring a petition to the entire membership of the organization.

13) CAPS contract requires rank and file members with grievances to bring them to their direct supervisor who may also be a CAPS member.  This creates a conflict of interest when a CAPS representative (Blanning and Baker LLC non-union scab staffers) come in to settle the grievance.   Indeed we have heard numerous cases where H. Mattson Austin came in for a grievance and sided with management against the rank and file.

14) CAPS is not an independent union.  It is a profit making center for the bullies and thugs at Blanning and Baker LLc.





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