Rank and File Scientists Demanding our Rights

Campaign Statement Charles Rachlis for Vice President of CAPS

CAPS Fighting Rank and File Union Caucus endorses the slate of Will Wright for President, Charles Rachlis for Vice President and Giorgio Cosentino for Treasurer

Charles Rachlis is the Associate Industrial Hygienist assigned to Richmond Campus laboratories; he serves as Richmond Campus     Health and Safety Officer, served at CDPH Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch for five years auditing for regulatory compliance, following a twenty year career in private industry and makes up for stolen furlough days as an adult educator. 

Based on their record alone the CAPS/Blanning & Baker LLC (B&B) leadership team has proven incapable of meeting the membership’s needs and expectations.  Consider the record: furlough case-lost, pay parity case-lost, stolen holidays-show me the money, lack of COLAs we are18% behind from 10 years ago, pension and medical insurance increases are proof the current strategy and tactics are not adequate to address the current economic crisis  of the hording of capital by the top 0.01%.  There are 84 billionaires in the state of California and their holdings of socially created wealth have increased as our wages, benefits and 401K’s tumble.  The wealth gap widens while workers are silent!  By organizing, social needs of working people can prevail over the dictates of private profits!

Without union democracy we all lose!  In violation of both the CAPS 2007 bylaws and California Corporate Code, CAPS with guidance from B&B has denied members our bylaws which is mandated each year and denied legally mandated regular membership meeting for over ten years!   Officers have not been legally installed and therefore all business conducted by the organization is in violation of corporate code and the bylaws.  And we’ve got lawyers watching our backs!

Ask any 100 CAPS members what B&B is and 80 will tell you it’s a law firm.  A founding member of CAPS told me. just last month. that when CAPS was founded we hired a law firm to run it.  Well surprise despite the airs put on by B&B staff they are not a law firm.  How it is so many scientists are confused on this point?  The truth is B&B is a labor consultation firm they farm out our law suits to real law firms to conduct. They won’t offer the information, as far as I know they do not lie directly but lead you to believe they are lawyers and they’ve got your back.  Rather, they are school trained labor negotiators and not very good ones at that! They are posers not lawyers and certainly not labor leaders!  B&B gets $850k from CAPS a year, CAPS gives $200k to the politicians, $117K to lobbyists and the current and perpetually recycled leadership team still can’t win! Check the CAPS/B&B legal record here:

Two concepts of trade unionism stand opposed in this election.  Current vogue is a modern business unionism turned corporate, acting in the interest of corporate control, holding workers back from self organization and independent political action.  In CAPS corporate hucksters posing as labor leaders tell us, “your not workers-you’re middle class professionals” , “trust us we’re professionals too” ,“trust our lobbyists to pay off (I mean influence) politicians”, “our lawyers are fighting night and day for you”, “bylaws are just a formality”, “no one pays attention to them anyway”, “go back to sleep”, “forget your missing COLA & your dwindling paycheck” , “you don’t need to build solidarity unionism”, “keep paying your dues and by the way:  Thank you very much for your continued support!”

In opposition to the failed strategy of the current CAPS leadership, our slate promotes rank and file class struggle trade unionism, our method won the 8 hr. day, the week-end, sick pay, vacations, pensions, ended child labor, and forced the passage of social security, Medicare and OSHA.  This method of trade unionism organizes and mobilizes the membership, launches and promotes democratic debate in the organization, acts transparently, unites all workers organized and unorganized, employed and unemployed, it organizes the unorganized.  A real union would fight the lies that “there is no money” that “fat and lazy workers need a hair cut and belt tightening” that overcrowded classrooms, dilapidated infrastructure, failing medical resources, irresponsible use of resources and endless wars are acceptable as the norm need to be exposed. Organizing real solidarity through independent united front labor actions, to defend the rights of the entire labor movement is the only way forward for labor.  Our method of trade unionism identifies the class divide in society- states clearly our interests and those of the top 2% are diametrically opposed, we say it loudly the wealth of the top 0.01% multiplied, during the economic crisis, at our expense!  Only this type of trade unionism, unafraid of job actions, with no faith in the twin corporate sponsored political party’s politicians, media pundits, fake pollsters or lobbyists can chart a course forward for labor in general and CAPS in particular.

If elected, our slate will fight along these principles for CAPS specific changes and for the broader issues facing the labor movement and entire working class.  Due to the limitations of space (in this booklet) our program can not fit in the CAPS Ballot information booklet.  For that reason we are issuing CAPS Fighting Union Caucus Election Bulletins.  In Bulletin #1, we outline our CAPS specific program as well as the program of the Fighting Union Caucus of California State Workers  There you can view all of our Election Bulletins.  Review the corporate code, the bylaws and judge the violations the CAPS/B&B leadership has been perpetrating for yourself. Read the record of our participation at CAPS meetings during the last two years, read the statement of former CAPS board members on their experience with this leadership and B&B, read our proposed bylaws changes, join in on our longstanding demand to hold the bylaws mandated regular membership meetings!

Our campaign is predicated on the objective necessity for change, to deal with the unending series of attacks on public workers in particular and all workers in general.  We know we cannot make this change alone. Real change will come when members step forward and take action. Visit our blog which outlines the nature of the crisis in CAPS and explain how to organize to defend our historic gains and the interest of the entire working class.  Then join in, roll up your sleeves and become active because elections alone will never change structural problems.  Do nothing and watch the second shoe fall this crisis is far from over and CAPS is captive in the hands of Blanning and Baker LLC!






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